Replacement pump option for RO storage tank

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I posted this on an old thread but thought it makes more sense to start my own.

Our new to us house is on a well and has a whole house RO system with a storage tank. The existing setup used a Grundfos MQ3-45 to feed the house. The pump just died yesterday after acting up for several days. While shopping for a replacement unit, I found it was discontinued and replaced by a new version. Despite the high price, all the reviews I read were pretty bad. While searching for other options, I found an old thread on here where a homeowner was looking for a pump for a basement storage tank. I read through it and I liked the solution that was proposed. I want to make sure it is still a good solution as the thread was over 2 years old. I want to take this opportunity to go with a larger tank, as we run out of water too frequently for my liking.

Here is the setup I am looking at:

500g Tank

Hallmark 1hp Submersible Pump


The tank is in the basement. Most of our water will be used on the main floor, but I do have 2 full baths on the second floor that are pretty much directly over the tank. I would imagine this set up would provide adequate pressure to the 2nd floor, but if there is a better option, please share.


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A larger storage tank is usually a good idea. I would also use a 10 gallon size tank with the PK1A kit, because with a two story house I recommend 50/70 pressure switch setting which needs a slightly larger pressure tank. The 1HP Hallmark can make like 89 PSI, so it will easily do 50/70.

Cistern Storage Tank with Submersible Booster Pump .png
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