Removing Vent Pipe

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  1. zink88

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    Jun 3, 2020
    I am planning to chlorinate my well through the vent pipe. Shown below is a picture of my wellhead. To remove the pipe, do I unscrew the pipe from the threaded nut or unscrew the nut from the well cap?

    Also, there is some cracking in the concrete around the casing. Is this something to be concerned about? Well is 27 years old. F5E34382-A89A-4B95-A721-EB75F1945892.jpeg F65BE50C-4BBB-432C-872C-4D350D7B9A3E.jpeg 19A1903B-ECE2-4582-B735-1F98E8CCDD71.jpeg 7B6B5373-6148-4ABB-A4C0-B256699E1175.jpeg
  2. Reach4

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    Sep 25, 2013
    I would unscrew the pipe. It may be that the white cap is not glued, and can be lifted/knocked off. You could perhaps couple to that pipe. I am not a pro. is my sanitizing write-up, that could maybe be adapted to your situation.

    You can couple to a 1/2 inch pipe with something like [​IMG] for recirculation or maybe find a matching ID hose, and clamp on. Some just dump bleach and wait. I think putting efforts into recirculation, lowering pH, and use of a flooding volume makes the sanitizing much more effective.

    For injecting bleach, you might be able to drop chlorine well sanitizer pellets. Pellets are good to drop to the bottom if your well is big enough diameter, and it looks like yours is. If using liquid chlorine bleach, it is better to run a smaller tube down a few feet for pouring full-strength bleach. Also, when you use pellets, they usually recommend pre-dissolving about half of the pellets and pouring that solution to get bleach above the pump.
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