Removing old bath handles

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    I have a leaky tub faucet and believe I need to replace the seals within the hot water side within the handles. The problem is that I cannot get the handles off of the stems and am afraid to force it off. Perhaps the deposits have made it difficult to pop them off ( i am assuming that they are supposed to pop off similarly to sink handles ) and I need to force them off. I have separate turning handles for hot and cold, and then the direction (shower or tub) knob between the two. The handles stick out from the tile about 2 inches or so and it seems that there is a cover over top of the stems that extend to the handles. Any help is appreciated - my plumber took them off over a year ago, but have no idea how he did it. The handles themselves have small screws that appear to attach them to the stem. I removed these screws but the handles do not come off. Any help is appreciated, sorry if my terminology is not correct. Regards
    : Bill

    You must be married. Here you are using good simple English to describe an everyday problem and you're still apologizing. All you need, is a handle puller, which can be gotten from a hardware store. The things will set you back about 15 bucks, but will spare the tub handles getting all mucked up. Check out these "Smart tools" from PASCO Specialty. These are not dumb tools, they are smart! Why would you buy dumb tools anyway. They call this one "Big Yank faucet handle puller" Even if you're from the South, you can use this thing. I've even seen people that aren't very big use it. You don't have to be a big Yank to use this tool, just smart.
    by the way, I gotta go, Yes dear, I'm sorry dear, no I won't do it again dear. I'll be right there dear, Sorry guy, I gotta go!
    Mad Plumber

    Thanks for the help! Yes, i am married LOL (EOM)
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    hahahahaha...I loved your post
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