Removing Grohe Ceramic Cartridge

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    Jul 6, 2006
    Hi. I'm installing a Grohe tub filler set into a deck tub: According to the instructions, the ceramic cartridge (Item 6 and 7 in the parts list and exploded diagram) has to be removed before soldering. Here's the problem...

    Unlike the diverter cartridge (which came out easily), I can't get either handle unit's ceramic cartridge to come out. Neither the hot nor the cold one will unscrew. Even with a lot of effort.

    According to the drawing in the link above, both the hot and cold handle ceramic cartridges unscrew counter-clockwise. Is this correct? Is there some trick to get these cartridges out?

    I'm pulling my hair out on this one (and I have little left to pull out). Any help is appreciated.



    p.s. To answer the obvious questions:

    - I have the proper sized plumbers wrench.

    - I removed the diverter cartridge with minimal hassle using the same sized plumbers wrench (17mm).

    - On alternate Thursdays, I've been known to walk and chew gum at the same time. :)
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