Reconnecting to Old Iron Offset Toilet Flange

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    Aug 24, 2018

    I recently had to pull a toilet because it was leaking thru the floor below. What I found was a very much corroded offset flange. I am now trying to make a final determination on how re-secure the toilet while affirmatively preventing any future leaks.

    I've cut away the garbage remnants of the old flange ring, but the offset flange pipe itself is solid, and very solidly attached to the soil pipe below. Because I don't think the old flange can be removed/replaced, and because all the remaining cast iron seems sound, I'm leaning towards a top-side repair. I'm thinking along the lines of: mortar-in the void area, then screw down some sort of new flange ring into the mortar, over the current hole.

    Does that seems sensible? If not, what would be a better approach?
    If so, what parts should I use and/or how can I seal between the toilet and the new ring, and between the new ring and the flange pipe to ensure no leaking?

    I'm hoping to fix it once, basically forever (or at least for a very long time!).

    I'd welcome opinions and advice. Pictures attached. Thanks!

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