Radiant floor, Boiler + 80 gal. Buffer, system works great.

Discussion in 'Boiler Forum' started by Buffalobillpatrick, Nov 7, 2013.

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    Sep 23, 2011
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    This Summer, I re-designed & re-plumbed my near boiler radiant heating system as I was having this problem:
    My TT Solo60 boiler could not modulate low enough in mild weather, it cycled on/off at about 5 minute rate (some call it "bouncing off the bottom") AND it would make a loud Foghorn noise for about 20 sec. on each re-fire. VERY ANNOYING! Couldn't find a fix.

    New setup: boilers only task is to heat my 80 gal. Lochnivar Solar "domestic" hot water tank (2 pipes in & 2 pipes out, no Solar), no ODR, no TT control, only the tank aqustat controls firing the boiler. There is a flat plate heat exchanger between the boiler and the tank. My large domestic hot water tank acts as a buffer tank AND my domestic hot water. Boiler fires on high for about 30 min. each time to maintain maintain tank temperature !!!NO FOGHORN NOISE!!!

    I know it's not condensing but it never did very much at my 8,500' altitude on LP.

    When any zone calls for heat, heat is pulled out of the tank, through the heat exchanger in the opposite direction & out to floor...............................WORKS GREAT
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