Questions about Navien NPE-240A recirculation

Discussion in 'Tankless Water Heater Forum' started by srshaw, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. srshaw

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    May 2, 2005
    We have a Navien NPE-240A that was installed 4 years ago. We have an external recirculation loop connected, but just recently turned it on (I was worried about burning out the pump and higher energy usage, so kept it off at first). It works great. So nice to have hot water at the shower instantly.

    So my questions are these:
    1. Our system seems to recirculate every 15 minutes. Is that standard? The only parameter I have found that affects external recirculation is on-demand pipe target length (P16), but it's not clear what changing that parameter does. Does anyone know? Any other parameters to set?
    2. I am trying to decide between using Intelligent Preheating and setting up a timer through Remote Control. Any thoughts on which is better? Does the system learn well enough to not have recirc running while we are asleep or hot water is otherwise not in use?
    3. If I wanted to use Navilink, my understanding is that I would have to buy both the conversion kit for main PCB and front panel since my unit was made before 03/16, as well as the Navilink Wi-Fi Control (part number PBCM-AS-001). Is that correct? If so, seems like an expensive implementation.
    4. Any feedback on using the hard-wired NR-20DU remote controller?
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    Above is a list of the parameters.

    I have The NPE 240 A-- about 2 years old 2017. I can not tell you what to order if yours is different, But what you say makes sense.

    In my situation to set up scheduled recirculation all I needed was the Navilink and The APP.

    Note. As of this writing if you use a hot button the you can not also create a schedule. It is one or the other.

    I belive there is a language mistake in the APP. When button says enable it is already enabled. If you hit enable you turn off your recirculation schedule.
    When the schedule is disabled the unit begins default recirculation based upon set parameters. So as a work around you can turn off and on your schedule to create a hot button.

    Parameter 16 is a setting for distsnce to your farthest fixture-- this is only relevant if you are using the true hot button.

    P12 , 14. 15 may be more relevant in adjusting your recirculation set up if you are using the scheduling feature. I am tweaking these now to keep thmost consistent hot water in my lines during a scheduled recirculation.

    It took me a long time to get the scheduler working--- until I realized that the buttonds were mislabeled. I like the sheduling a lot. It is set for about 90 minutes each morning. Other than thet I am using no gas at all.

    Note: Most recent IOS will not allow navilink registration on Iphone, but it will work on a device with an older IOS-- navien is aware.
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