Pumping septic water into soakaway or disposal well

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Nassau, Bahamas
I have a 2500 gallon septic tank, serving ten bathrooms (toilet, basin & shower), serving on average 15 to 20 people. The combination of a low a floor (ground floor level is basically 6" above ground), steeper than necessary drain slope, a high water table (2' bellow ground at high tide) and limited space means that the tank is nothing but a holding tank that has to be pumped every other month.

I added a disposal well that almost fixes the situation. The disposal well keeps the water level in the tank just below the inlet level, but at high tide the level rises and the two closest units gets backed up. During spring tides, all the ground floor units can be impacted.

My first plan was to add 17' of 4" pipe to the top of the disposal well. 9 feet would be lateral in order to get to a wall where the 8 foot vertical length would be strapped and out of the way. I would then pump sewer water from the tank to the top of the 8 foot vertical section. This plan would allow 13 gallons of water above tide level. I'm just not sure how many GPM this setup would dispense.

The second plan is to block the 4" x 12" opening between the septic tank and the soakaway, and pump the Septic water into the soakaway. I would then be able to pump 300 gallons above high tide level, which would easily be drained into the disposal well. The problem with this setup is that 100% of the water from the septic tank will have to be pumped because there would be no gravity fed soakaway.

Which of these is best or are there any other ideas?
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