Propane Pipe Sizing & Regulator placement

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  1. FredC

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    Feb 17, 2007
    Is it within Code to place a regulator inside the structure?, In an easily accessible attic off the 2nd floor game room. I live out in the country on 5 acres and have a total electric home, other than a back yard gas grill and gas logs. I am gettting ready to add a large propane tank out back and change out the cooktop for gas. This involves a a pretty long run of pipe to get to the stove, no less than 75 feet from the tank location to the house. As long as I was going to plumb it, I thought I would size the pipe large enough that I could eventually convert the water heater and the furnaces to LP as they go out. I talked to the propane company and they said with the long run and the loads I have they would deliver medium pressure to my inlet and regulate it down from there so I should size as if I had a meter. My total load is slightly over 300,000 BTU's and my longest potential run is about 130 feet from the input. That puts me in the 1 1/4" range for the mainline but if I could bring the 5 PSI into the attic over the garage and regulate it there I could cut the pipe size in half.

    I am only sizing for future replacement of the furnaces & water heater (70 gal). I know electric heat is very ineffecient for both and the house is only 8 years old, so my second question is; am I nuts?, should I just size it for the stove and the water heater? Gas heat has always been cheaper in the past.

    Fred C
  2. hj

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    Aug 31, 2004
    Cave Creek, Arizona

    Size it for whatever appliances you MIGHT want to use. Otherwise you will be running another line for them or upgrading the one you are installing. Regulators by their nature WILL dump gas occassionally. Even though it is in the attic, LP being heavier than air it could create an explosive situation. You should locate it outdoors, or at the very least pipe the regulator's vent outdoors.
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