Preventive maintenance. 300' Sewer line.

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    Jun 6, 2019
    Before installing a clean-out, I made a cut (photo) that allowed me to see the inside of the pipe to see how fast the water was running. We poured 2 gallons of water at the beginning of the sewer line, and it took 1 minute 4 seconds to travel the 150โ€™ distance (no turns). the drain was a bit slow and took another 3 to 4 minutes before all the water passed the inspection hole.

    In the photo, you can see that the water runs in the middle of some brown residue that is standing still. The residue does separate and moves with the water when I tapped on the pipe.

    There was about a 3/16" line slope where the hole was.
    The area was heavily wooded but saw no roots where the inspection hole was.
    The line was installed about 30 years ago.

    We now have 2 clean-outs. One at the beginning by the house and another 150โ€™ from there. The city main would be another 150โ€™.

    Any advice on what to do for preventive maintenance?

    Thank you.

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