pressure tanks plastic metal?

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  1. kodiak

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    Jun 17, 2007
    Are the plastic type pressure tanks better than metal?What is the average life on tanks and are they all in the same ballpark?I have a welltroll wx-202 20 gal that is probably shot its about 8 yrs old.Sears has simer and tractor supply has dri something,grainger has dayton in the catalog,on **** they have a plastic one so does grainger its a dayton too.What would a 35 gal tank do for me compared to a 20?Is it all about pump cycles or does the pressure last longer with a bigger tank? thanks for any info steve.
  2. Bob NH

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    Oct 20, 2005
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    The drawdown of a tank is about 30% of the volume of the tank for a pressure switch setting of 30 to 50 psi. Pressure will drop more slowly with a larger tank.

    The drawdown should be at least eaqual to the GPM capacity of the pump for small pump (Maybe up to 1 HP) and 2 minutes for larger pumps. That means that for a small pump the actual volume of the tank should be about 3 times the GPM rating of the pump.

    "Plastic" tanks are usually fiberglass reinforced plastic. The life-limiting element of most tanks is the bladder, although I have seen some painted steel tanks rust out at a weld before the bladder fails. I have never heard of a fiberglass reinforced vessel failing before the bladder fails.
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  4. speedbump

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    Jul 15, 2005
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    I don't care for the bladder in the Fiberglas tanks. They are inferior compared to the two top of the line Manufacturers; Well-X-Trol and Flexcon.

    All the places you mentioned where you are shopping sell the inferior tank brands as they are cheaper. Whether they are metal or plastic.

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