Pressure Tank/Pump Cycling...Help!

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    Jan 21, 2020
    I am not very familiar with my well pump, but I'm having some issues that I hope someone can help me with. Every time the water is turned on in the house, our well pump cycles every 5 seconds or so. I figured out that I had a waterlogged pressure tank. I drained out all the water and then used an air compressor to fill it with air, so that the pressure switch gauge said 60psi. The pressure switch reads on the label that the cut on/cut off is 40/60. I ran the water in the house for awhile and it seemed to be fine, with no pump cycling occurring anymore. Then about an hour later, I was doing dishes and it started cycling again. I waited about 20 minutes (maybe to allow the pressure to build again?) and flushed the toilet and there was no cycling. The pressure switch gauge read 38. I then checked the valve at the top of the pressure tank with a tire gauge reader and it read 52psi. What am I doing wrong? How do I get the cycling to stop? Are my pressures set properly?
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    Here is a thread on how to maintain your tank.

    The gauges should read the same when the pump is on. With the pump off and a faucet open, after draining all the water from the tank, the water pressure gauge should read zero. Then and only then can you use a tire gauge to check and add until you get 35-38 in air in the tank. Then close the faucet and turn the pump back on. Most likely the bladder in the tank is bad and won't hold air anymore.

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