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    I need a little help, maybe a lot of help. I'm about as green as I can be.

    I'm new to the forum and to plumbing and have decided to try my hand at re-plumbing a raised fishing camp. The bottom of the camp is 9 feet off of the ground so access to the bottom of the camp is easy. The house is supported underneath by 12 columns so there are no walls under the house. The house is 24' x 45'.

    I would like to you CPVC for the water fill/flow on potable water for both hot and cold, running 3/4" under the camp and running 3/4" to the water heater and 3/4" from the water heater to various locations in the house where heated water is needed. I want to come up from under the house with 1/2" CPVC as well.

    I was told that PEX is not a suitable material for this location from a plumbing supply house because the PEX would be exposed to indirect sunlight and could easily deterioate within a few years because the bottom of the camp is not protected from the UV rays.

    The location of the camp is around saltwater and corrosion is a big problem. I am not using galvanized pipe except for GAS. (Yes it is better than black pipe in a saltwater environment). I do not want to use Copper.

    I would like to ask the forum members for any advice other than "Hire a plumber". Reading the forum I see that many of you are professional plumbers and I appreciate that. My fishing camp is located in a remote location and plumbers are scarce here in Louisiana.

    Please consider giving me any advice on re-plumbing the entire house. Suggest best books, online help and materials as well.

    Also please give me a good reason why I should not use CPVC for both hot and cold water. I have read that FlowGuard Gold CPVC is more durable than regular CPVC (on their web site :) )

    Some pictures of the camp can be seen at

    The house has a concrete slab under it and now has wooden stairs. Electricity and water have just been installed by the utility companies. You can see different pictures if you go through the album.
    A layout of the small house is also attached.

    Any suggestions would be sincerely appreciated.

    Semper Fi,

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