planning to install a laundry sink in the 1st floor laundry room.

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hello, I'm hoping someone can provide an advise on what I'm trying to do.

apologies in advance for my 3 years old drawing skills :)

I'm planning to install a laundry sink in the 1st floor laundry room. the sink will be in the opposite wall of the laundry drain. I don't have the option to tap into the laundry vent. and I don't think the code in my area ( Bolingbrook- will county, Illinois) allows mechanical vents.

Option 1:
1- install 1 1/2" drain pipe and connect to the basement 2inch washing machine line drain.
2- install 1 1/2" vent pipe and connect to the ejector pump vent pipe ( other fixtures are connected to this vent as well). The ejection pump vent goes thru the house roof.
3- connect - Loop both the drain and vent pipes together right under the sink. The drain inlet will be roughly about 4-5" bellow the loop.

option 2:
install a 2" pipe and use as drain / wet vent - connect to exiting basement 2" plumbing line.

2 questions:
1- Are any the 2 options Is acceptable setup? code wise, etc..
2- will it work?
3- if no for both questions, any other suggestions?

Thank you in advance for the help.


Jeff H Young

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your code allows a 1 1/2 drain to a utility sink? Id need to know and not think the code prohibits AAV , befor doing an Island vent. our islands require more than a simple loop it has a seperate vent going out or tied to another
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