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    Mar 3, 2021
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    Hi everybody,

    I have a sliding door between my kitchen and living room and I am removing it, making the opening bigger to put two barn doors. After removing the wall I have the waste and water pipes that go to the bathroom upstairs and need to move them. Here is the picture of what I want to do. Is that something that is by the code and not causing future issues?

    In my picture the blue thick line is the new opening. The black line is where I want the waste pipe to go (it will be between the existing stud on the left and the new one that will be at the end of the opening) and the red lines where the two water pipes will go (they will be parallel with the stud vs currently parallel with the wall...reason is because in that opening there on the left of the stud there is the main heating pipe that goes upstairs so the spot is tight)

    Thank you

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