PH Levels and Testing Meters

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In this thread we will cover the level of PH in your reservoir, and in your soil.

PH for Hydroponics solutions are 5.8-6.1 (slightly acidic) This margin of error is fine and should never cause you any issues. Too high or too Low a PH level and you can lock out essential nutrients from the plant, potentially causing less yield, making plant susceptible to disease, and even death :(

When using "fertigation" methods, (delivering nutrient solution to a Soil bed), desired PH level is between 6.5 - 7.0 (a bit acidic to neutral).

You can test solution or soil runoff with a simjple garden test kit.

Or; It is recommended to get a PH pen or meter , a TDS/EC pen or meter, and a waterproof temp. gauge or meter.

We will be posting images of some PH, TDS, EC, and Multimeters we have used over the years. We use Milwaukee Meters at our farm.
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