PEX And Freezing Winter Temperatures

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    Are you kiddin'? I can't even count threads I've steered off course with bickering.:D

    I was simply "thinking outside the box" as another poster put it. Rigging something up that was on a role, that was similar to a electric blanket that could be applied and left on for a while could free a plumber up to go to other service calls and return when the thawing was complete. Again, just hypothesizing..

    I am planning on running pex in my house, and noticed you mentioned the plastic Wisbro manifolds. I was hemming about using the propex copper manifolds because of their price, but now I fell a bit better about the plastic ones. I hate to be the "do it on the cheap" person, because that almost ALWAYS ends up costing more in the long run, but I feel a bit better after reading that the thing stood up to being frozen. I was also considering the Manabloc manifold since it has both built into the same block. No real worries of freezing here though, I have a basement, and have insulated pretty well. I plan on running 2" foam on the exterior to about 2' down to reduce even more heat loss.

    Side note: Having walked around my neighborhood over the last few months, I'm one of only a handful of people without ice damming. Sure does make me feel good, after pumping all that cellulose into the attic last year (for a cost of less than $100.) And I can totally understand how customers can request some unusual stuff to "save money." I tried to tell my neighbor how to reduce his ice damming (he had water pouring down the inside of his exterior wall) but he chooses to shovel his roof as opposed to taking measures to ensure it won't happen again in the future...
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    I am sorry for "resurrecting" such an old thread but I had to say something. I found this while looking for methods to unthaw a frozen pex pipe that I surrounded with a ton of insulation (found out it got frozen because my kids closed the heater vent so it got cold in that room). Anyway THAT LOOKS HORRIBLE. I would DIE if I saw something like that. I dont install plumbing nor am I a plumber but I DO sweat copper piping for 120psi compressed air. You used wwwaaaayyyy to much solder on those joints. You only need just enough to "sweat" the pipe together not use a whole role of solder on 10 fittings. I mean my 7 year old could sweat copper together better than that. If I was the homeowner/business that you installed it (or your boss) I would make you rip it out and do it right. I see what river is talking about (I did not at first). Its plumbers like you that give other plumbers a bad name. You would have been better off using a real manifold for a situation like this instead of some cobbled together mess.

    Anywho I will say this thread was informative even though all I had to do to fix my situation was open the furnace vent and get the room back upto the 70 degrees my house is.
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    You can accomplish this by heating the areas where the pipes are, and by making certain they are insulated from the freezing cold. Outside pipes should be shut off at the source, or, if they are required (as in on a farm) they should be unsulated and heated where they are exposed to the cold.

    Sometimes allowing a slow flow will keep them from freezing too, but this is a waste of a finite natural resource.
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