One of the kids flushed the toilet and the sound of water hitting the floor below was heard by all.

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    ok...Yesterday when the toilet was flushed we heard the water hitting the floor in the basement, upon inspection it looked like the problem was coming from the floor line (ceiling) I thought the wax seal had failed. I removed the toilet and seen the lip from the seal was facing up into the toilet not down into the pipe and it was very damaged and out of shape. there was barely a seal there. I replaced the wax, reattached the toilet and right off noticed that the toilet was clogged. After plunging (hard) the same thing happened and the water hit the basement floor I also noticed air coming from around the toilet as I hadn't caulked it yet. Now I believe that the flange is failed as well. O ADD ON... When the issue first started I noticed that the toilet wasn't fixed firmly to the floor, there was a lot of rocking. also while the toilet was removed the first time we dumped a bucket of water down the pipe opening and there was no leak and it didn't back up..... PLEASE, any advice is appreciated. I have only done small plumbing jobs when my hubby was away and this is the only toilet the kids and I have in the house. I am wondering if I am going about things correctly. have i deduced the right cause or there's a better way to go about it.t. AND are there any steps i should do along the way that i might not think of. Thank-you so much for your time. Kerri
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    Your drain line for the toilet may be partially clogged. Consider a plumber to fix the flange quickly, and ideally get him or a drain cleaning specialist to clean that line. Going out to use a toilet will get old quickly. While you are at it, consider getting a new modern toilet. You should not need to keep a plunger nearby with a good toilet and a clear drain line.

    Wax should not have to withstand pressure. A toilet should use shims to prevent rocking. If using wax, get the shims in place before you drop the toilet. That means that you position the shims with no wax. Lift the toilet. Drop the wax. Drop the toilet. A waxless seal is resilient, and you can put the shims in after dropping the toilet on the seal.

    I am not a plumber or other pro.
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