Oil Boiler Noise on Startup

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Pine Grove, Pennsylvania
I have a New Yorker FR-HGS oil boiler. I also relined the chimney with a 6" S.S. rigid liner to provide the proper draft and added granular insulation the whole length of the chimney which is 24'.

When the burner starts, it goes through it's pre-purge cycle of about 15 seconds and then ignites. Most of the time the draft regulator opens slightly as the motor ramps up to speed and then upon ignition the force slams the regulator close. Having my draft gauge in the flue I can see that before the ignition I have a -.03" draft and upon ignition the draft gauge pegs out on the positive side proving there is a substantial explosion of the atomized fuel.

Inspecting the burner assembly I found unburnt oil on the nozzle housing and the flame retention ring has a build up of soot. This morning I disconnected the igniter and not having a inspection mirror, I held a paper towel in the chamber over the nozzle. The valve on delay works fine as after about 10 seconds of the motor running I pulled the towel and found no oil. My second test I waited until the delay was over and a few seconds later removed the towel to find oil.

I have checked and re checked my electrode settings, draft, air shutters, combustion test, pump pressure, etc... numerous times. Also when I first installed the boiler I used the low fire baffle and a Delavan .65 60W nozzle. Not able to control the issue I switched to a Hago .85 60B nozzle and removed the baffle which made no difference.

The equipment I have is:
New York FR-HGS
Beckett Genisys 7505B Has a 15 sec. valve on delay with no motor-off delay.
Beckett Clean-Cut Pump A2EA-6527

My combustion test results are:
Over the fire draft: -.02"
Smoke: 0
Flue draft: -.03"
Co2: 11%
Net Stack: 325

Could this be a issue with the solenoid or oil pump not cutting the fuel off properly? How would I test for that?
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