Offset p-trap problem

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    Mar 9, 2009
    Hi all.
    Great site. You have helped with several questions in the past and I really appreciate it.

    Here is a quick one. My house was built in 1910, and I am in Milwaukee. I recently found my lead drum trap from the 2nd floor shower drain to be leaking from a crack. It was connected with about 2 feet of galvanized pipe to a 90 degree brass fitting in the shower pan. all 1.5" pipe. On the output side, 1.5" PVC line to the stack.

    I got some great info from some folks on this site how to deal with it. I took it out, and planned to run 2" PVC p-trap and pipe straight from the pan drain to the stack which is only about 48" away. However, I have a brass 1.5" 90 degree fitting off the 1.5" drain in the shower floor that is seriously fused in place - its also aligned right over a ceiling joist. If I really put some force on it, it looks like it could crack the 100 year old floor pan assembly in the shower floor. So, I'm thinking I could leave it and add the p-trap right off the elbow, and run the proper slope back to the stack. The issue is that the new trap would not be directly below the drain. That makes it a bit difficult to get that snake started, and I know there may also be a code issue with how close the trap must be to the actual shower drain. However, I have also noticed some video from a "this old house episode" where a plumber replaced a drum trap with a p-trap that was maybe an entire foot from the actual drain. Can anyone give me an idea here as to what is allowed? This would be much worse than my situation, as I am maybe 1" horizontally away.

    Actually, with all the twists so close together in my propsed arrangement, it almost seems better to add maybe 8" or so of galvanized pipe back onto the 90 degree brass fitting and then add the 2" p-trap with 2" PVC line back to the stack (which is actally more like the video.) That would kind of seperate these two bends a bit for a snake.
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    Mar 9, 2009
    Hi guys.
    I thought I would include my photo of this 90 degree fitting placement. I should note that I scanned the forum for topics like this prior to my post (there are many "offset p-trap" issues that seem to come up), but I wanted to ask the same type of question as it regards to the plumbing code. In my case, I would keep the one 90, and possibly put the trap right after. You can see the brass 90 snug up against the joist under the red shower pan. They had a galvanized leg coming off that to grab lead pipe to the old drum trap. OR - I could put maybe a foot of galvanized back in before the trap to get past the next joist (greatly increasing the amount of skanky water in retention.)

    Thanks again, sorry for forgetting photo on first post.

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