Noisy Grundfos Pump

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Billerica, MA
I have a noisy Grundfos UPS26-99FC pump. Sort of a clunky sound when running. A few months ago it had locked up, but switching the pump to high speed got it running again. But, then the noise started increasing. So I ordered a replacement cartridge from supplyhouse. I noticed about 3/32" play in the rotor of the new cartridge, but it hand spun quieter than the old one, so I installed it. It is almost as noisy as the old one. I did a blind test with someone else. Had them listen to the 2 videos, one of the original cartridge and one of the new one. They said that both were noisy/clunky but the new cartridge was less.
Asked Supplyhouse if that amount of play was normal for a cartridge. They told me to bring a plumber in and ask them to evaluate it.

Does anyone know if these cartridges should have that amount of play?
I've had 8 Taco zone circulating pumps (5 on the new system, 3 on the old oil boiler) and they never made noise like this Grundfos.

I might destroy the old one and cut it up just to see how the bearings are configured.
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