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    Jul 18, 2012
    I had a new well put in a few months ago, I'm finally getting around to finding a treatment solution.

    My well is running a CSV Sidekick Setup, and not a standard pressure tank setup.

    Water Test Results

    Hydrogen Sulfide - 2 mg/L
    Hardness - 8 mg/L (as CaCO3)
    Hardness (gpg) - .5 grains/gallon
    Iron - 1.75 mg/L
    Magnesium - .7 mg/L
    Nitrogen, nitrate - <0.1 mg/L
    Nitrogen, nitrite - <0.1 mg/L
    PH - 5.6
    Sulfate - 14 mg/L
    Tot. diss. solids, estimated - 42 mg/L

    Bacteria tests came back negative, but I think I have iron bacteria. In the toliet tanks, I have a fuzzy red slime in the corners, under the water. The tanks are completely lined in a red film. Report has a ton of other stuff on it, but most of it is for trace elements and chemicals, everything came back not detected.

    My current thoughts were to treat the PH with soda ash injection, and the mag/iron/sulfide/iron bacteria with hydrogen peroxide injection. I was thinking of using a Stenner proportional injection system(due to the fact I have a CSV and my flow rates are variable) with dual pumps(one for soda ash, one for hydrogen peroxide), 80 gallon contact tank, and a catalytic carbon back washing filter at the end. I'm not firm on the idea, it's just what I came up with from my research, looking for others opinion's.

    Thank you!
  2. mialynette2003

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    Nov 24, 2010
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    Ocala, Florida
    Sounds to me you everything under control. You may want to retest the hardness after the injection pumps are installed. You could go with a pH neutralizer instead of injection.
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