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    I am about to re-pipe the main drains in the crawel space (39" high) to eliminate the large looping drain as shown in the picture #1 as wellas to add cleanouts.

    Some questions:

    1. The slope on the main line has a minimum 1/4" per foot or 6 1/3 inches.
    1. Can it eceed the 1/4 per foot drop ?
    2. Is there a Max drop over the length ?

    2. Are there any set distances between entry points of the lines other then the restraints of the fittings ?

    3. Angle of entry of teh fitting into the new main ? Any Rules ?


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    As long as the line has at least the minimum slope, that is the only requirement. You can make the connections as close together as the fittings will allow. As long as the angle is made with fittings and not by bending/cocking the connections it makes no difference.
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