New Design for Hyrdo Air, Arm Tank or stay as is?

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    Sep 26, 2011
    Hey Master Plumbers, I could use some advice. Trying to determine if we should change up our 7 year old design in our house. Here are the specifics and a picture.

    Buderus GB142 (no outdoor reset since installed in 2005). I have an AM10 but have not installed yet.
    1) Air Handler
    2) Arm Tank (80 gal)
    3) Wirsbo in basement slab
    4) Wirsbo in garage slab
    (the air handler and wirsbo zones run off the same pump, they have zone controls but if two call for heat at once (i.e air handler and garage), the both open and heat until each is satisfied individually)

    Energy and heating calc was done when we built, system heats fine and DHW fine. We've had the common problems on buderus (condensate tearing, flue crack, replaced the ignitor, etc as needed as well as annual cleanings). Lately the unit will not reach past 150 degrees for the non DHW zones. Going to call Buderus tech and/or new service guy since last one can't figure out why.

    I am thinking of separating out the Arm tank from the Buderus unit. The unit gets so much work (live in MN) when it needs to heat as well as do the DHW. What options would you guys suggest?

    Thinking either a separate gas water heater or keep the arm tank and get a used condensing boiler for it or other thoughts since I am looking for ideas....I plan to get some quotes from the pro's in the area but looking for thoughts and ideas for now....Thanks guys

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