Need to replace 2 story vertical Galvanized run

Discussion in 'Plumbing Forum, Professional & DIY Advice' started by plumbed, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. plumbed

    plumbed New Member

    Jul 11, 2012
    Im new to plumbing and recently bought my first house. The service line is giving 55psi, but I have unworkable water pressure in the main bath upstairs. The previous owners have already replumbed the toilet and the sink but they didn't choose to redo the shower (I guess showers weren't important for them).

    In fact, almost all of the service lines have been redone except for the 3/4" galvanized pipes in the basement, which I am in process of replacing with 3/4" PEX. These were almost completely closed off in some areas, which is probably responsible for most of the pressure loss.

    So what I have is a 1/2" galvanized vertical pipe for the shower from the basement to the 2nd story shower. I wish I could make this a 3/4" PEX line but I dont think it would fit the current holes. So I am going to try and fish a 1/2" PEX line through the old galvanized run.

    A couple problems. At first I thought I could just attach the pex to one end of the galv and pull through as needed. However, if the galvanized has any couplings then it probably wont pull through, correct? Will it have couplings? Can I cut holes in the basement and 2nd story large enough to pull all the couplings through?

    What are my options? Do I just cut as much off of both ends as I can and then leave it in the wall? Then I would try to fish the PEX seperately?

    Thanks so much.
  2. hj

    hj Moderator & Master Plumber Staff Member

    Aug 31, 2004
    Cave Creek, Arizona
    Every job is different so we cannot tell you how to "fish" the PEX through. 3/4" PEX being approximately the size of 1/2" galvanized MAY go through the holes if they were not drilled to snugly. IF you can pull the gallvanized out, which is not a given, connect a piece of window sash chain to it first, the use the chain to pull the PEX in.
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  4. plumbed

    plumbed New Member

    Jul 11, 2012
    Thanks. Any clever ways to securely connect a rope or chain without increasing the diameter I would have to pull through?

    Im thinking Ill just connect a rope or chain to both ends and just give it hell till something happens.
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