need advice!---new (old) home well problems

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  1. artsychick

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    May 30, 2007
    Hi all,

    My husband and I finally found the perfect house for us and our 4 kids that we could grow old in, but when we got to inspection day some issues popped up that we are both at a loss about. We've always had city water, so know absolutely nothing about wells. So when the inspector told us that we may have a well issue, we had know idea what to do. He was trying to fill the tub in the newly added second floor bathroom (expanded cape built in 1958) when the water simply stopped running all together. It came back on about 15 minutes later, but having such a large family that uses multiple sinks/tubs/toilets at once durring the daily morning rush...this will be an issue. The pressure in the sink while the tub was running was almost nothing. I also noticed a build up of green gunk around the faucets. My hubby and I aren't sure if we should have a specialty professional come out and check the well out on it's own or what; and are also unsure if this is possible since the well head is below ground. Since we have no idea what the problem could be, we don't know what to go back to the owners with about the issue. We've been advised to do something since if it is a well issue it could cost thousands. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    I would definitely have a reputable pump/well professional do an inspection and prepare a written estimate for repairs before going any farther. I once bought a car with a bad fuel pump for a very low price, then found out why the previous owner had sold the vehicle rather than replace the pump. In that situation, and just as yours might prove to be, paying for that expensive pump was only a beginning.
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  4. Gary Slusser

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    Aug 31, 2004
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    It sounds as if the pump's thermal overload is shutting off the pump and when the motor cools, it comes back on. Or the well is running out of water.

    It sounds as if your well is in a buried pit in the yard. If you have a water pump in the house, the well will probably be a shallow well; if there is one water line from the pump to the well, it is. If two, it's a deep well jet pump. If the pump is in the well, it's a submersible pump.

    Hopefully you know where the well is, or can find it quickly if needed. Since you don't know much about wells, it's best to call a pump guy well driller or plumber that knows wells (sorry most don't) to check out your well system. You may want to have the well extended up out of the ground.

    You should start water conservation now. Spread showers and laundry out etc..
  5. MaxBlack

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    Feb 11, 2007
    TX Hill Country
    Here's your answer; whatever the water problem might be is "a simple matter of money".

    If the prospect of "thousands" to fix puts you off, having it looked-at now is just a tiny investment well-worth making.

    Unless it's really NOT your "perfect house"! ;)
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