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Recently my navian nhb 110 was making some weird noises. This heater is 2 years old now and to be fair, I didn't know there was much more to check for regular maintenance, except the inline strainer. I pulled this and rinsed it annually prior to startup of the heating season. So, when the unit started making this odd gurgling noise, I assumed there was air trapped in the lines. I did a system purge and got no air out of the system. I then checked to see what standard running pressure is for this combi boiler and found that it can run between 12 and 30 psi optimally. Mine runs around 23.7 when up to temp. So, I was baffled at this gurgling noise. I did some Google searches and honestly up to this point, didn't know there was a condensate trap. What I came across, was a YouTube video showing some "tech" checks on the system. In the video they pulled the condensate trap, the inlet screen and the inline strainer as part of the routine "tech" maintenance. So, i performed this maintenance. Here's what I found. The condensate trap was chuck full of muck. When I pulled it, this black material came pouring out. The air inlet screen had a dehydrated mouse and a few bugs covering not quote ½ of the screen, but still it was a restriction. I also checked the inline screen again just to be certain it was not full of material. My system has a mag filter on it as well, so I opened that up to a bucket and blew it out well. I fired the boiler up and it sounded great. I did notice that the sight glass on the burner was damaged due to the issue I was having (assuming the condensate trap plug was the final culprit in this case). When I remove the front panel of the boiler, I notice a faint propane smell and I wonder if it's the sight glass (New one on order). So, after this maintenance, I went out to check my inlet pipe and noticed it was pointed upward to the sky, at a 45 degree angle and thought that was strange (I didn't install this). So I went to the store and bought a 90 degree street elbow, along with a termination screen to prevent rodents from getting in.
Today 2/22/24 the boiler is making a howling noise during the heating cycle. It is perfectly quite during low fire. I'm at a loss at what this could be at this point?! The house is getting up to heat fine, its just a little loud. I can hear it in the livingroom pretty good when it starts to howl
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