Moving drain pipe and water valves for different sized vanity and med cabs

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Tried to mark this up best I could with what I'm thinking.

I am putting a new vanity in that doesn't span the entire width of the wall, like the previous one did. I will have the new one flush to the right side. This means the water lines and drain lines need to move. The existing drain lines are about 5-6 inches too far to the left presently. The left sink drain pipe exits the wall right at the left end of the new vanity.

I will also be installing larger med cabs above each sink, which means the drain pipe is in the way. I'd like to move that over as well as the electric plug to be centered on the new vanity, which is 60" long.

Do you see anything wrong with this setup?
45 degree from just above the new recessed med cabs to move the drain pipe 13" to the right to a vertical drop for 4 feet, which will then tee off to 2 horizontal drain lines where they need to be at the new vanity, the main drain then drops to an elbow (is a 90 degree fine here since it's below the flood line? Or should there be a slope?) to travel that 13" back over to tie to the old drain line with another elbow, where it runs beneath the house.

Water lines will move and be placed higher, but it's pex, so all that shouldn't be too much of an issue.
Really appreciate any advice you have here as I enter this phase of the one woman bathroom remodel!
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