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    May 27, 2005
    We have an Iron Man water conditioner that we hadn't used in some time and just had re-serviced. The service guy did his thing and dropped off some "chemical" for us to put in (which we did). When we first turned on the water, it ran black for a second or so, but then went back to clear. However, the toilet in our main bathroom is running BLACK constantly, but the other bathroom is fine and there is no black water coming from anywhere else. I flushed and flushed and ran all the taps in the house and it seemed to clear "a little" but goes right back to BLACK after about an hour. I'm going to LOSE MY MIND if I don't find out why this is happening and fix it. Pleaseee help. My husband (although awesome as a carpenter tends to ignore problems he is unsure of). :( Looking forward to your suggestions.
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