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  1. AnotherHomeOwner

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    Jul 5, 2006
    I replaced my Mixet cartridge yesterday evening, and things 'seem' to be working with two exceptions:

    1) the mixer handle rotates all the way around

    2) I can get 'some' cooler water, but it's mostly hot

    I read on another post that I should have extended the cartridge all the way before installing... will that resolve the hot/cold?

    I also read a post about some 'extension' that is inside the old part that I didn't bother trying to pull apart. Is that the part that deals with the full/partial rotation of the mix handle?

    There is a brass washer made onto the cartridge body that has a notch in it, and another brass washer included. Any instruction on alignment of the notch or where exactly the extra washer goes would be good information as well.

    A small write-up on the back of the cartridge pack might have been useful if it's more than just screw it in place ..


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