Meter panel with external knife cutoff?

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    I'm not sure if I'm searching with the right terminology. I'm looking for a meter panel (320A+) to replace the current panel that feeds two smaller panels. I am installing solar and the rules here are that I have to have an external cutoff that removes my solar from their grid in the event of an emergency. The cutoff is supposed to be a knife switch type with a locking loop where they can reach it, shut if off, and lock it off until they are done working on the line.

    I would like to be able to shut off my connection from the grid with a lockable knife switch but still be able to use my solar in the hose, garage, etc. in an emergency. This would disconnecting at the meter loop.

    Is there a meter loop that has a built in, external knife cutoff that I'm not seeing?
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    From your questions I feel you need to hire an electrician. Anything on the pole side of the meter is owned by the power company though you may have paid for the drop wire and connection, you cannot touch that side. Just too dangerous. The main breaker inside the panel is your cut off. What you are looking for, in part, is a transfer switch used for whole house generator power backup to dedicated circuits (breakers). I do not think there is an interlock switch that can cut off the meter and connect the solar power to certain dedicated circuits. Solar manufacturer installers may know if one.

    Solar either feeds the grid directly through an interface or you have batteries and inverters to convert it to 120v/240v AC 60HZ to feed your home. Solar panel generates direct current power. It is not plug and play. If you are buying all parts yourself for a solar powered system, it's not all that simple and from your questions it is not something you learn from as a DIY project. Before you try this what will be the power generated from the solar system at fun sun exposure?

    I've have stated this many times on this forum, a plumbing mistake you'll get water on your head, electrical mistakes you get fire, shock or death.
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