low cost radiant heat?

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    we are building our retirement home. i will be installing an insulated hot water circulating loop with a gundfos circulating pump. i am using cpvc. near the end of the return (and above) is the master bath shower. this is directly above the steel beam and support post. i am considering running copper lines in the mud under the shower's tiled floor for the radiant heat. this would make the wife very happy. happy wife- happy me! we normally keep our water tank at 125 degrees. is there any reason this will not this work?

    thanx for your time andhave a great day! mike
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    Apr 2, 2006
    Use PEX for any embedded application.
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    Well, think of this - the hot water to the shower would end up being a lot cooler by the time it gets to the showerhead.

    There are some of the electric radiant systems that can be installed there...either put it on a timer or flip the switch before you are ready. Most of them draw in the order of 7-12W per square foot, so it isn't a huge amount, especially in a typical shower. If the room isn't that big, consider doing it all over the floor. You can choose to turn it on and off (it can take awhile to warm up the floor), set it on a timer, or just let the thermostat take care of it. Keep in mind that by the time the floor would get hot doing it as you suggested, you'd probably be done with your shower, or the hot (or wat was left of it) coming down from the top would have warmed it.

    Check out www.johnbridge.com for some thoughts and suggestions on tiled showers.
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