leak in water softener internal valving

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    Apr 24, 2007
    On 11-19 I posted my problem with loss of water pressure due to a leak somewhere in our plumbing which I could not find. I just found the leak is in my water softener. The drain hose from the softener goes into my sump crock so that explains why I could never find a leak in any of the usual places. Apparently after the final backwash cycle is complete a valve doesn't close completely allowing a path for water to continue flowing at a rate of a little more than a cupfull per minute. The softener is a Sears unit bought in 1998 which still works well aside from the leak problem. It is their "Demand Water Softener" which automatically determines when it needs to regenerate. Can anyone tell me if it would be practical to try to fix it and if so what is likely the problem? Or is the best solution a new softener?
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