Kohler Corbelle Tank to Bowl Bolt Grommets

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Another gripe about the Kohler Corbelle. We recently had a warranty call to a customers home for a leak on their new Corbelle toilet. Kohler sent out a new bowl which I installed. But upon taking the tank off and going to reinstall it I noticed that the T shaped grommets appeared to be the source of the leak. They also appeared to have been installed upside down. At the time I blamed it on our installer putting them in backwards. But I just installed this same tank and the bolts and grommets are installed at the factory. The issue is that the T shaped grommet is pushed in from below and when the T shaped bolt is tightened, it pushes the grommets out of the hole. There is nothing that keeps them from just falling out and landing on the bowl. At the warranty call, I flipped them around and said nothing.. But seeing this again installing the same toilet at my sisters house! Am I not understanding how these are supposed to work? Or is Kohler just designing something really poorly..

PS.. I removed and reinstalled the grommets facing down/opposite how the factory sent them out.

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