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    Jul 18, 2013
    Two week old Cimarron commode and he flush vale is leaking. Since this is a new, barrel tye , to me valve I took her apart and it appears as if there are two gaskets, one at base of the barrel and one at the base of screw in assemble in bottom of tank. Which of these do you think I should replace?

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    You didn't need to "take her apart". Go get the Korky 435BP flush valve seal kit at Lowes (435PK) or your local hardware store. It has two seals in it, one for the AS Champion's old flush tower, which you throw away, and one for the base of the Kohler barrel (if that's what you are calling the canister), which you use. It's the one with the tab. The Korky product has instructions with it.

    PDF with Korky Instructions click here

    Or, since it is two weeks old, you call Kohler and ask them to send you a new seal, which they will do.

    If it's leaking into the bowl it's the seal I mentioned. If it's leaking onto the floor, it's the seal at the base of the part that screws into the bottom of the toilet.

    Me, I still prefer a toilet with a nice, generic, flapper.
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