Kinetico System Not Working At All.

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    Jan 14, 2011
    About 10 years ago we moved into this house and got a whole new water system from kinetico and it was installed by gordon bros water.

    Not sure what model I have exactly but it has 2 tall thin tanks side by side with the manual adjustment on top for a philips to manually force it thru cycles. (i'll take pictures or find the model number on it if someone knows where to look)

    From day 1 this system has never worked properly and gordon brothers was out here more times then i care to think trying to figure out why. Each time they came up empty handed.

    So for 10 years now we have dealt with extremely hard water and its been clogging the shower heads and faucets to the point of me either having to pull the aerator out or showerhead off and either soak it in CLR or replace them. Every time its a thick flaky build up that eventually chokes off the water supply.

    We have tried various types of salt as well. Regular and iron out and breaking it up. Doesnt really seem to use salt however.


    At this point its almost like just keep letting stuff get ruined and replacing things or replace the system and hope a different brand will work or something.

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