Kinetico 2060S Settings for 305Mg/L Hardness Settings

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  1. Charlie Bosco

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    Apr 23, 2020
    I need to some help ensuring my Kinetico is set up properly.. I moved into a house with an existing Kinetico. Other than the effing proprietary BS you have to go through to get any real info or parts I actually like the unit.. I would have have paid that much but whatever.. I have it and its been kept inside so this 14 year old unit looks brand new.

    I had my water tested and the Hardness is 305 Mg/l. I have a number 4 disc in the unit and my salt tank has the tabs cut to the J. Also the only info I have on the Float setting is that it needs to be at the line inscribed around the rod it slides on. I measured that at about 7 1/2"

    I really do not understand at all how or what the those tabs do.. It sort of looks like brine flows over the top of the openings on either side.. There is some sort of little disk or flapper inside that black body with the tabs on it, Don't know what that does.. I can hear it when I shake it..

    What happens if the Float Cup is set to high or too low.. What issues can that cause?

    So do the current settings correspond to my number 4 gear and letter on the brine? are there better manuals out there?
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  2. DIYMissus

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    Aug 29, 2019
    Ontario, Canada
    The only question I can answer is about the float . The float is an emergency shut off . If its too low then it will stop the influx of water into the tank before the Brine fill cycle is over . If its to high then in the case of the brine fill not shutting off, water will flow out the over flow and keep running .
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