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    Oct 7, 2005
    I just had the most wonderful day in my short life. (57 years) is that short?

    Well, I worked at the scary place, and the scary people weren't there, just me. Now I woke up late this morning, at 5:30. I am up at 4:30. So, this made my son almost late for work when I asked, " what time do you work?" Well, I brewed a quick coffee, made him a lunch, and a quick breakfast and he was out the door. Now, I had time yet before work, at 9:30, so here I went and laid back down and fell asleep. I woke up late. I drive thru McDonalds got a coffee, a bisquit for breakfast and one of those, potatoe hash brown things for lunch. I get to work and I got a coffee, a butter, 4 creams, and a packet of jelly. I guess...I could spread it on the coffee grinds. THANKS. No breakfast, no lunch, and being I had no replacement until, 5:30, I got nothing. I can't just close up shop.

    So, at lunch time, I am calling places. Ah, Subway will bring me a small pizza. Nice. So, I said, " okay, just walk it down ( same plaza) and put a tip on for yourself, paying with my card via, the phone. Well, they can't do that. I had 2 pennies on me, I am not kidding. I had 2 quarters, but, I used those in the backroom for breakfast in the M&m machine. The kids was nice, telling me not to worry about it.

    So, in comes the pizza. The pizza was too greasy and upset my stomach. I wanted a pop. I called, at the risk of being bold, Subway. Could you bring me down a coke?

    I heard them all laughing. They brought me down a coke and a tum.

    Funny guys.

    In walks at 5:30 the scary people, so, I left really fast. I went shopping at Kuhn's. In the lobby was that Vet again, I have to give him money, something inside of me makes me, so, I told him, "on the way out." I bought some luncheon meat, bread, etc, and my phone rings. It is my son, who still lives me, saying, " mom, you coming home?" I knew something was up.

    I hurried to the checkout, and there, was a cashier using that hand sanitizer, loads of it. I asked, him to dry his hands before touching my food. He did. The smell makes me sick and I didn't want it in the fridge. Well, I am heading out and, it hit me. I was gagging bad. The Vet is looking at me wide-eyed and I just kept going.

    There at home was my son all smiles, he had dinner for me. My favorite, " pizza" a spinach, white one and pop. And, then, I saw this card. It is without a doubt the most wonderful card in the world.


    Thank you sooooo much for all the things you do for me! Like...Pick up my socks, do my laundry, make me breakfast, lunch and dinner, make sure I am safe, helping me with everything from filling out papers for school and work, making my bed, cleaning my room rearranging my room ( although sometimes, I don't like it!) :) making sure, I'm doing my best at whatever I'm doing packing a lunch for me every morning, brewing my coffee and making sure the lid is on tight! And, most of all, making sure I'm up and awake when I need to be. I told people about you waking me up this morning and saving my butt. Everyone said, that they wished they had a mother like you and that I must always take good care of her!

    I just can't say it enough! Thank you so much.

    I promise I always will! I don't know, I can't even imagine what I would've ever have done without such a GREAT mom like you. I always appreciate everything you do for m, even small things, I just wanted to say, thank you! :) and, I love you!

    And, I got a bag of M & M's, and lottery tickets, and, alot of hugs and kisses.

    Sometimes, you think, you got it bad, then, WHAM! OUT of the blue, you get something like this. I asked him, can I share with EVERYONE? LOL. I WAITED MY WHOLE SHORT LIFE FOR THIS CARD, LOL.

    I got this great kid. I got the crap genes for health, but, I got great kids.

    Then, I walked into the kitchen and the cat threw up I nearly broke my neck in it, and their was an Arkansaw steamer emitting in to the air, where I started to gag. But, we were laughing so hard, that I did what I do best when I laugh, too hard. Which made us laugh even harder...:)

    Yep, back to the real world.

    and, how was YOUR day?
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