Katalox Light questions before purchasing and clay sediment filtering

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Hello. Stumbled upon this forum searching for information on sediment/turbidity and iron water filtration. Some background info on my situation...

I am on well water and currently have an Entek water softener using KCL, and a series of 3 big blues with sediment, carbon and a Nanoceram (Argonide) filter. The sediment filter is 0.25 micron, but I'm still getting clay sediment coming into the system because the sediment filter seems to be getting overwhelmed very quickly. When my water was tested prior to purchasing my filtration system, the iron level was 0.410 mg/L. I had thought that wasn't high enough to deal with, and the company I used also said that an iron filter was unnecessary, but I'm seeing high levels of salt usage in my water softener, and accumulations of iron ring stains in the toilets, both of which are indicators that there is possibly a more significant level of iron in the water than what was initially assessed.

After doing some research, it came down to two systems: Katalox Light and Terminox. I quickly ruled out Terminox after finding some scathing reviews for Budgetwater.com which has now changed their website to waterfiltersofamerica.com. They also had a very suspect page specifically comparing themselves to Katalox Light. So having settled on a Katalox Light system I'm left with a few questions which I didn't find the answers to in doing a search in the forums.

1. Katalox Light media can deal with sediment and turbidity issues in water for sediment <3 microns in size according to their literature. Has anyone had experience dealing with well water with clay sediment using these systems and been successful?

2. There seems to be quite a few vendors that sell Katalox Light systems and use varying control valves. I would appreciate any guidance and direction from anyone who has installed such systems about which system to go for and which control valve that is the most reliable and from a company that stands behind it with post sales support and service.

Thanks for any info!
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