Jump duct from 1st floor sunroom to finished basement

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I am finishing my basement (ICF) and moving my existing HVAC system/ductwork and taking the opportunity to get a more efficient heatpump that can better ramp down with our loads. I plan to duct the main 1st floor return to the new unit but we also have a return for our sunroom which would be a difficult duct run and likely end up not very effective. The effective length gets pretty long after routing it to the new air handler location. The other return is a straight shot and the supply ducting is actually cleaner in the new location. I will be adding supply/returns into the finished basement space as well. I'm thinking of doing a "jump duct" arrangement with the existing sunroom return and let it come down and over to a hall in the basement and install a register there so air from the sun room can dump down into the basement and then into the basement return. This would have added benefit of moving air through the basement. There is no combustion equipment in the house including chimney flues. Is there any reason the basement return can't service the sunroom via this "jump duct"? Is there any code reasons that would prevent this?
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