Jamie's Toto Drake Install Instructions

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    Jamie's install instructions differ on a couple of points with the instructions that came with my Toto Drake. The instructions in the box say to put the wax ring on toilet first, not on the floor flange. They also say to install the tank after setting the toilet, not before.

    I did it per the enclosed instructions and it worked great. I used all of Jamie's other tips too. The combination of info was very helpful.

    The toilet is easier to handle without the tank on it.

    Having the wax ring already on the toilet worked well too. It allowed me to use the non sticky plastic horn of the wax ring to bump around within the drain hole when I was placing the toilet. It was helpful to use this tactile feedback to verify I was centered over the hole. If I tried this with the ring already in place over the hole my bumping around would be hampered by the stickiness of the wax.

    Have you guys done these things both ways and found Jamie's way to be preferable?
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