Invisible Faucet Rays

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    Ever hear of this?


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    United States Patent 3799198

    An electronic automatic faucet device wherein an emitting element of visible or invisible rays, a receiving element for said rays, and a magnet valve are provided for the faucet of a water conduit, wherein the beam path between both the elements is momentarily intercepted, that is, the beam is shut for a short time and the original irradiating state is immediately recovered, thereby to energize the magnet valve into the water feeding state. When the beam path is subsequently intercepted for a moment, the magnet valve is deenergized into the water stopping state. Furthermore, simultaneously with initiation of the water feeding state, a timer circuit starts so as to automatically change said water feeding state to the water stopping state when a predetermined period of time has elapsed.
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    THey were using photocell beams in the 70's to activate faucets, but as stated they needed an emitter and a receiver to operate. The new ones combine everything into a single unit.
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