Installing shower stall on slab foundation

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    Aug 22, 2008
    My husband and I recently bought our first house and like typical first time buyers, we had to make a few compromises. The house is 4 bedrooms 2 1/2 with one of the bedrooms isolated off the kitchen that has the 1/2 bath in it. Not having a shower in there was the biggest con I saw with buying this house. It's labeled an 'in-law' suite but if we have guests who use that room, they will have to walk through the kitchen and great room to get to the full bath on the other side of the house that is in the middle of the other two guest bedrooms.

    I really want to install shower stall and convert it to a 3/4 bathroom for guests but the foundation is a slab and there is no drain line or water line in the location where the shower would go. The sink and toilet are on the opposite wall. We would have to take up some of the closet space to install the shower but it would fit easily.

    My question is really if this can even be done easily enough for a contractor and if the cost is worth it in the end. I'm afraid it would be really expensive and hard with having a slab.

    Please advise!

    Thank you.
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    You have to crack the concrete, dig out to wherever the drain line is and install the proper drain and vent. Then, decide on the shower construction. If you want to think about tiling one, or for some pictures of how people have done the same thing you are contemplating, check out They can help you with the details of building a shower.

    Depending on how handy you are and how willing to do sweat equity, busting up the slab in that area is hard work, but not rocket science. once it is open and exposed, then decide how much you can do verses what you will have done for you.
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