Ice maker line behind trim?

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Long time reader, first time poster from Utah. I have a question that I believe the internet has simply never answered with a yes or no...ever. Here it is:
"Can ice maker line be concealed by trim and meet code?" (Utah specific, or general is great).

We added an addition to our house, a 8'X14' butler pantry onto the exterior kitchen wall. We're planning on the fridge moving into the area, straight back from current location. I am about to take over the permit as the homeowner finishing all work from the framing contractor. 100% now and into history, the ice maker is the only plumbing in the new room.

I want to stay copper and I'm fine with 1/4". I see no reason to do it otherwise in my case. I already own a PEX crimper and agree the bends would be infinitely easier with PEX. However, I'm good with copper. The bending I plan will be nice and gentle and happy to buy a pipe bender if I fail by hand

Because of the location of the new room wall, the line could easily run where it is now with a bend straight into the new room, with the bend in the wall, and then straight into the new room at where the floor and wall meet. I do not want to put it in the 2x6 exterior wall no matter the protection from my R-24 fiber insulation.

I think the new crawlspace below is not an option because it is currently vented and Utah gets cold. Additionally, because it's a transition from basement foundation to a new crawlspace foundation, there would be boring the basement header (which I am fine doing), but it all seems less the easiest route. Even if there were protection on the line that would be sufficient, I still don't think the crawlspace is the build for me.

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