How Lighting Can Showcase Tile Lippage - How to build a better show

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I made this video showcasing the effects of lighting on a tiled wall. Lighting can highlight tile lippage like crazy and it is for this reason it is so important to have finished lighting installed before a tile setter starts placing the tile is position. If you watch the video you will see that it is less noticeable when the bottom tile sticks out past the upper tile.

When we install are ACO linear shower drains into our one way sloped showers we use this knowledge to our benefit and to improve the performance of the shower. This marble tile shown in the video is World Class Product - made is Spain from Porcelonosa and is a rectified tile. Most tiles are however not as high end as this and have a certain curvature to them. When you factor in a little curvature and lippage in the wrong way your shower will hold back water at each grout joint. This leads to more water sitting on the surface of the shower floor and more water entering the shower assembly.

Next bathroom build you have make sure you discuss this with your bathroom contractor and tile installer. If you do not provide finished lighting to your installer you risk extreme lippage since the fellow or gal will need to use shop lighting and this often hides the subtle shawdows until after they are gone and paid.

Thin-set can shrink as well - this can lead to even worse lippage. Thin-set gets it's name surprisingly from the term "Thin" and the term "Set" - Thin Set. Thin means 1/4" No more. Make sure you specify a premium setting material able to handle larger thickness if you need to.
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