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  1. Commonground

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    Feb 1, 2011
    I am planning a hot water system from a coil in a wood stove to complement the electric heating of a hot water tank. See attached sketch.

    (How can I attach a 370 KB PDF file ?!)

    Water comes from a shallow dug well through a 1/2HP jet pump.

    Cycling of the pump is regulated by a 20 gallons bladder tank set between 20 and 40 PSI.

    As a water expansion relief I am using a 125 PSI PR valve on the cold side after the bladder tank in the dirt floored basement.

    To be able to dump excess heat from the tank I am using a dia. 3/4" drying rack in the main floor bathroom and a circulating pump.

    The drying rack is located between the dia. 1/2" hot and the cold lines.

    I am running a dia. 3/4" loop between the wood stove coil on the main floor and the hot water tank on the top floor.

    The intake for the coil is the tank drain, the hot water return to the tank is the TPR valve port. The TPR stays at the same location.

    I am using a GSW 45 gallons (184 l) electric hot water tank.

    I am placing a pan under the tank to be drained in the basement.

    The drain tap for the tank is at the bottom of the coil loop.

    Please comment.


    PS: I am posting a sketch as soon as I can
  2. Commonground

    Commonground New Member

    Feb 1, 2011
    It took me a little while to find the way to reduce my pdf file. I hope it is legible.

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