Help with replacing underground oil supply line

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I have an oil supply line (single line) buried in concrete somewhere underneath my basement foundation floor that runs to an outside tank. I'm in the process of finishing the basement, which will involve screwing wall plates and a plywood subfloor into the concrete floor with tapcons, so I'm nervous about hitting the buried line. I've also read that it's a good idea to replace buried lines anyway--it's uncoated as far as I can tell. I'd like to get all of the oil out of the buried line, abandon it in place and run a new line at floor level along the perimeter of the basement.

Could anyone advise how difficult a job it is to make the connections to the tank and the filter/burner? I've worked a lot with copper, PVC and PEX on water supply and DWV systems, but I'm worried I'm missing something tricky and there's not a lot of information online about this type of job.

Also, how would I remove the oil in the length of the buried line? I assume there is some way to blow it back into the tank or to siphon it into a receptacle.


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When I switched from oil to propane, I abandoned my oil line in the concrete floor. After disconnecting both ends, I blew it out with compressed air. Just be careful and make sure you have something to blow the oil into so it won't spray all over the place. After blowing the oil out, I cleaned out the line using denatured alcohol and more air. Once the line dried, I cut the ends, pinched them shut and sealed the holes with epoxy.

As far as running new lines, I can't help you. I assume there are codes you need to follow.
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