Help - Toto Washlet G400 - Won't flush, just runs water into bowl continously

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I just installed a Toto Washlet G400, everything seemed to be fine and smooth, plug it in and turn on the water and hit flush on the remote control to calibrate it, and water just runs into the bowl of the toilet and just keeps doing that for 10 minutes. It will never actually flush though.

Been trying for over 1 hour now, can't get it to flush, everything else works like the bidet and heated seat. Even when I pull on the manual flush cord that is on the side of the toilet, that flushes the toilet.. But whenever I try and flush the toilet with the remote control button or the button the toilet, water just runs in for 10 minutes and then it just stops until I hit the flush button again..

Anyone have any ideas?

One thing I thought of is the supply line sticking straight up..


Edit: So i left it unplugged all last night with the water on, and this morning I wanted to just check it out and plugged it back in and then tried flushing it. It auto calibrated with 3 flushes and It works! I'm so confused... Why didn't it work right after I installed it last night? Why did it need to take 12 hours of not being used? It has to do something with the water hose I think...

Would love to hear some theories from anyone experienced with these types of toilets..
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