Help.......Simmons well seal cast

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    We can not find a way to remove this seal to get to the submersible pump in this well!!! We work on commercial swimming pool equipment so this is not our specialty.
    My tech took the four bolts off after all other attempts failed to remove it?
    We disconnected the union at the pressure release valve and then put a chain around the center piece. Then we connected a come-along to a chain which was hoisted straight up to a 4x4 we secured above it. Not even this would lift it off! We tried turning the center piece but it was not coming either? MY fear is that he should have NOT taken
    these bolts out? Can anything save this job?
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    Mar 15, 2006
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    Yeah you just need to loosen the bolts, not take them out. See if you can gently put them back in. Because if the bottom half of that well seal falls in the well, you may never get anything out of that well. The well seal might be stuck to the casing a little, but the weight of the pump and pipe is really what holds it down. A come-along won't do it if there is 300' of galv pipe hanging down there.
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  4. craigpump

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    Apr 12, 2012
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    You maybe screwed big time if the lower pieces of that seal dropped into well.

    I have a tool that screws into the 1/2" hole for the vent, it is long enough to wiggle the seal which breaks the bond between the rubber in the seal and the steel casing, but you can use a long 1/2 drive extension to do the same thing. Also, work a hooked crowbar under the flange on the seal and work it side to side to help break the bond. Twisting the pipe in the center won't do anything for you, it is the pipe the pump is hung on.

    If there is a few hundred feet of steel pipe in the well, you will need to call in a pump guy with a hoist truck.
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