Help IDing a bad solenoid valve

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  1. Andrew McIntyre

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    May 20, 2020
    I have a few questions- I have a rainbird sprinkler system and it was worked fine up until now. In the winter I blow out my own system to winterize. I think last year I did not tighten enough a few of the solenoid valves. I only know this as when I turned on the system, and had it in the off position some of the sprinkler heads had some water coming out of them. I am including a picture of the inground box, you can see the valves are hard to tighten because they are uptight to the box. So, is there a tool(wrench) out there other than vice grips to tighten these valves? Not sure if the valve is just needs to be replaced. Should I dig around the in-ground box and buy a bigger box so I can have more room to service these valves? also, how can I tell what valve is currently slightly open, I know the zone but don't know what valve goes to what zone in the ground.
    I have two inground boxes, with 10 zones, I have 6 valves in one box and 4 in the other.
    Any help or guidance would greatly be appreciated

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